Chariots Academy

In pursuit of excellence.
children drawing a map of kenya on a chalkboard

About the Academy

In pursuit of excellence, Chariots for Hope Academy exists to empower students to be men and women of character and to equip them with knowledge and skills through integrated curriculum, small class sizes, and devoted teachers.


Rigorous academic curriculum taught by hands-on interactive teachers able to focus on the individual needs and learning styles of each child.


Shaping children’s lives and hearts to encourage them to become who God created them to be.


Preparation for further education and life include more than academic knowledge.

What makes Chariots for Hope Academy distinct?

Small Class Size

At the local public school in Maai Mahiu, class sizes ranged from 80 – 110 children per teacher. This is incomprehensible to our American mindset. In many classrooms there were not nearly enough desks and children used slabs of wood piled on rocks to complete their assignments. At Maai Mahiu Academy the class size is limited to 30 students per teacher.

Dedicated Staff

Leading Chariots for Hope Academy at Maai Mahiu is Victor Oyoo. He brings to the table both the expertise on school administration as well as deep relationships with the children and an understanding of their needs.

Joining Victor are qualified teachers who are dedicated to helping our children learn in creative and interactive ways. They are teachable themselves and eager to learn ways of educating the children beyond the typical rote memorization methods that are often used.

kids and social workers at chariots home in kenya
primary school books

Integrated Curriculum

Chariots for Hope Academy fulfills the requirements for the standard Kenyan curriculum including studies in math, history, science, religious studies, and language. The Academy is committed to taking our curriculum a step farther to include teaching life skills and Christian values that apply to everyday life.

Give the gift of education today.


The Academy is located inside the campus of Maai Mahiu Children’s Home. Thanks to a generous donor we were able to repurpose existing buildings on campus that were not being used into classrooms and office space for our Academy.

No, there are children from the community that attend the Academy alongside the children in our homes. The school desires to be a resource for those in the community as well.

Yes, the Academy is registered as a primary school and a junior secondary school for the 2023 school year. That means that we are able to expand to offer Preschool 1 (preschool classes) through Grade 9.