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Just outside of Kitui town down the dry and dusty dirt road, you find Kitui Baby Home. This is a place of peace and hope for those babies and toddlers who have not had a healthy start to life and will not survive if they do not find a safe place to live with nurturing caregivers.

Despite the horrific places these children have come from, Kitui Baby Home is filled with love and laughter as the children run, play, and learn at the nursery school.

The nursemaids, along with the manager, live on campus. As in any family, babies require 24/7 care and there are always staff members who are awake and providing the care needed regardless of the day or night.

Kitui recently started its first dairy goat project, and they are excited to also be having a poultry project soon. Their garden provides vegetables and fruit for the children. It is a sweet environment to find a sense of belonging in the world.

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Home Manager


Winfred Kioko is better known as Winnie. She lives at Kitui with her husband, Meshack, and three children. Meshack and Winny met at AIC Moffet Bible College in Kijabe where they both studied to become pastors. Soon after being married they moved to the Mulango area, where Meshack had grown up at the children’s home.

Winny was hired as the Assistant Manager of Mulango Children’s Home in 2012 while her husband leads the local AIC Mulango Church. In 2014, Winny was promoted to be the manager of Kitui Baby Home which is about a 30 minute drive from Mulango.

One Child's Story


When Brian was just over one year old, his mother passed away from liver disease. His uncle was left to provide care for Brian and his older brother Ryan, but he was living in impoverished conditions and unable to meet all of their basic needs.

Brian was brought to live at Kitui Baby Home this way he is able to receive the love and care he needs.

Thankfully, his brother Ryan is living at Kitui Baby Home with Brian. Here at Kitui, Brian and his brother have been welcomed into the Chariots family!