Christmas is Coming!

Give our children the gift of a Christmas outfit this holiday season!

Give a Kenya tailor-made outfit to a child for only $25

Did you know that it hails in Kenya?

The cold pebbles fell and our Kaptagat kids and staff enjoyed playing with the rare ice. As we enjoy snow this winter, give a Christmas gift to each and every child living at our homes! 

Children everywhere love receiving gifts at Christmas, and the 886 children being loved and cared for within Chariots for Hope’s homes are no exception! 

This year we would love to provide each child with a brand new outfit – something specially made just for them! For the girls, this may be a skirt and sweater or new dress. For the boys, it could be a suit or jeans with a dress shirt. 

Imagine the smiles on the children's faces as they put on their beautiful new clothes from you!