Our Homes

We strive to provide holistically healthy environments for our children where they are safe, nurtured, and loved. This means that each child’s physical, social, emotional, educational and spiritual needs are met.

What is life like at
our homes?

School Days

On a typical school day, the children rise early, even before the sun sometimes. But by the sound of their voices singing and talking together, you would think it was the middle of the day. After breakfast, they walk to a nearby school.

The children return home for lunch or the children’s home will make arrangements with the school to prepare lunch for them. After their one-hour lunch break, they return to school until late afternoon.

Once they arrive home, there is bathing, washing their clothes and of course, playing together. Dinner is served in the dining hall and then the children gather for evening devotions and study time before climbing into their beds.


On Sundays, the staff and children attend a local Africa Inland Church (AIC) together. The children usually participate in the choir, Sunday school, and children’s programs known as “battalion” for boys and “cadets” for girls.

children and staff singing together outside-lr

Summer Break

Our “summer vacation” is spread out in-between the three terms of the school year, giving children April, August, and December off from school.

During these months the children take time to visit their elderly grandma or other relatives. If a child does not have relatives to visit, they remain at the children’s home with the people who have become family to them.

Stories from our Homes

Felix's Story

Kaptagat’s social worker, Martha, shares the devastating story of how Felix came to be a part of the Kaptagat family and how Chariots has changed the trajectory of his life.

Baby Angel's Story

Listen as social worker Catherine shares about Baby Angel’s story and the tragic circumstances that brought her to Mogogosiek Baby Home.