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About this Home

Mukaa Children’s Home is located up in the hills not far from the Mombasa Highway. Even the home itself is on the side of a hill so there are two levels so to speak when you are there.

When you pull into the home after passing a large boys secondary school, you see the office block, then the girls dorm. Follow the stone path and you will reach the dining hall, kitchen, and library. Up the stairs you will find the boys dorm, the assistant manager’s house, and the manager’s house along with guest housing.

The soil is red and the flowering bushes and trees make home for these children absolutely beautiful! If you get up with the children at sunrise on a clear morning and look south, you are able to see the snow-cap peaks of Mt. Kilimanjaro.

The chicken project at Mukaa supplies the children with an egg a day and the extra eggs are sold to the local community. There are also a few dairy cows and a greenhouse on campus. In 2013, a borehole was drilled to supply the home, as well as the local community, with water.

Mukaa is very invested in the community around them – from the clinic, to the local church and primary school. The way they see it, if the children of Mukaa Children’s Home are going to be successful, the community around them must also be strengthened.

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Home Manager


Amos has been with Mukaa Children’s Home since 2012. He first served as the Assistant Manager for 4 years before being promoted to Manager in 2017.

Amos has a diploma in Bible and Theology from Ukamba Bible College as well as a degree in Theology from Africa International University.

Amos has a passion for teaching children the Gospel. He has spent his entire career focusing on children, especially those who have experienced trauma.

He has been married to his wife Janet since 2004, and they have 3 children.

A Child's Story


I was born into a family with seven siblings, and I am the youngest. When my mother was pregnant with me, she developed a heart condition, which later led to her passing when I was born.

My siblings and I were left in my father’s care, but he was a drug addict and was unable to support us. 

I am now at Mukaa Children’s Home and I love it here! I have learned to read and write, and even recite Bible verses! I love to play, dance, and sing and I can do all of that here!