Child Sponsorship FAQs

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Yes, we do offer trips to our homes. Look at our Travel Page to find out more about the possibility of traveling to Kenya or tell us you're interested here.

We ask that all letters and packages come through our office as the postal system in Kenya is not reliable. We will give you notice each time a team will be able to take letters and packages to your sponsor child’s home. Learn more about letters and gifts here.

Unlike the USA, many children living in poverty can’t go to school. Since our children come to us at all different times in their lives, we often have children beginning school at age 8, 9 or even later. We are committed to financially support our children until they have completed their education. This might mean they remain in our program until their mid-twenties. We want to be sure they are equipped to be on their own before they graduate. This is how we’re breaking the cycle of poverty in their lives.
No, the child you’ve chosen to sponsor has already been living in one of our homes and is simply in need of a sponsor. However, there are hundreds of children waiting to be admitted into our children’s homes. We accept children into the homes as space becomes available. We have faith that people like you will come alongside and provide sponsorship.

What does Child Sponsorship cover?

Check out this overview of what child sponsorship includes.

Communication + Gifts

How to communicate, send gifts, and build a relationship with your sponsored child.

Waiting Children

View children in need of a sponsor.