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About this Home

Maai Mahiu Children’s Home was the first home under Chariots for Hope’s leadership. It is our only home located in an urban setting. It sits right in the town of Maai Mahiu, a truck stop at the crossroads of two major Kenyan highways.

Upon entering the gates, the busyness of the town fades away and you step into a whole different world. As you walk up the lane you see their large garden on the left. At any given time of the year there are onions, tomatoes, kale, carrots, potatoes or maize growing. There are a few banana trees as well. The home grows all of its own vegetables to feed the children.

If you arrive during non-school hours, you will quickly see the primary school children playing football or jumping rope around the Dining Hall in the center of campus. The office and manager’s house is close by with the girls and boys dorm on opposite ends of the campus.

victor-home manager

Home Manager


Victor has been serving at Maai Mahiu Children’s home since 2006. He began as the accountant for the home and the local trade school. He holds a bachelor’s degree in accounting , as well as his KCBA certification (the equivalent of a CPA in the US). In 2013 Victor was promoted to the role of home manager.

Victor’s wife, Nancy, serves as the tutor at the home. She does an amazing job helping the children with their studies to ensure they are doing their best at school. Victor and Nancy have 3 children.

A Child's Story


I came to the children’s home when I was just five years old. My dad had passed away during some tribal clashes. My mom tried her best to care for me and my six siblings after dad died. It was hard on all of us. Then mom passed away too. I was so sad.

I worked hard in school at Maai Mahiu Children’s Home. I was so happy to be there. I did not have to worry about eating anymore, and I had so many friends.

When I completed my secondary education, I was so excited to study at the Kijabe School of Nursing. I graduated with my Diploma in nursing in 2014.

I’m still surprised that I made it this far in life. I love my job as a nurse in the internationally known Kijabe Mission Hospital.

Currently there are three more girls within the Chariot homes who are also studying at the Kijabe School of Nursing.

alice in graduation cap and gown