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Experience the heartbeat of Chariots for Hope’s work in Kenya through one of our unforgettable trips.

There are 2.6 million orphaned or vulnerable children in Kenya.
Take a trip with us to meet, serve, and bring hope to a few of them.

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Vision Trip

A Chariots for Hope Vision Trip allows you to experience the heartbeat of Chariots for Hope’s work in Kenya. You’ll meet the children who are at the center of our ministry, see where they’ve come from, and understand the transformational difference the home has made in their lives. Additionally you’ll witness firsthand the passion our Kenyan staff members have for every child as they pour into their lives.

Along with Chariots US leadership traveling with you, you’ll meet our Kenyan team members and learn about the daily joys and struggles that come with raising the children in their care and creating a family environment. You’ll also be brought face to face with the struggle of poverty, wrestling through how that intersects with American life.

We believe you’ll walk away with a new understanding of hope after experiencing life at the homes and interacting with children and staff. You’ll also discover practical ways that you can invest in the lives of orphaned and vulnerable children through the work of Chariots for Hope.

Package Delivery Trip

A Package Delivery Trip is a great opportunity to see children’s faces as they receive letters, photos, and packages from their sponsors.

We typically take a team of 6 people with us to deliver packages, spend one on one time helping children write letters to their sponsors, and taking the photo that will go up on their sponsor’s fridge.

You’ll also have time for fun and games with the kids and time to connect with the staff. It’s an opportunity you don’t want to miss!

young child in kenya looking at photos on a camera

Trip Details


Dates are based on interest. Contact us to let us know you’re interested, and we’ll let you know about upcoming opportunities.


Typically, our trips cost around $3,000. This price covers airfare, accommodations, transportation and meals for the duration of the trip. The cost of your passport, visa, immunizations and any souvenirs would be your responsibility.

Sample Itinerary

Day 1 – Leave for Kenya, late afternoon flight

Day 2 – Arrive in Kenya, spend the night in Nairobi

Days 3-4 – You’ll visit your first children’s home. While there, expect to spend time with children and staff, experience the culture of the home, hear from leadership about their goals and struggles, and share Kenyan meals together. You’ll also visit local communities to see where the children have come from.

Day 5 – Travel to a second home in time for afternoon tea and a manager guided tour of the home.

Days 6-8 – Jump into life at the children’s home, spending time with the kids, visit a local school and learn what makes this home unique.

Day 9 – Time for safari! After a delicious lunch we’ll participate in our first game drive to see the amazing animals and landscape of Africa.

Day 10 – Expect a day of relaxation, game drives, and great food at Safari. We’ll also invest time debriefing your experiences on the trip. Helping you to contextualize what you’ve witnessed and experiences to be prepared to share with friends and family upon arriving home.

Day 11 – After breakfast and an early game drive we’ll head to Nairobi where you’ll have the chance to shop for souvenirs before we head to the airport.

Day 12 – Arrive home



Our trips are more of a vision trip created with the intention of giving our travelers a holistic understanding of the ministry of Chariots for Hope to see how God may lead them to be involved in the ministry. While we will be investing in the lives of our staff members and children, this may not match your expectation of a traditional mission trip.

Our trips are also a time for current supporters and child sponsors to come see the work they have invested in and meet their sponsor children.

This trip is designed for individuals over the age of 21 unless accompanied by a parent or guardian.

We intend these trips to be manageable for most all adults. We’ve had travelers as old as 82 travel with us. It is not likely that you would ever need to walk more than 0.25 miles. We’d be happy to talk through specifics with you at any point.

We’d love to hear from you and see if planning a private trip for your group is a good fit. Contact us here, and we’ll get the conversation started!

At Chariots for Hope, we are committed to the communities that surround each of our 8 children’s homes. For this reason, we believe it is important to support the local tradesmen when we complete projects at our homes. Instead of doing projects, we encourage our trip members to invest their time into building relationships through leading a VBS, teaching life skills to our kids, or leading a career day for kids to learn more about how to become exemplary citizens in the future.

There is no typical day for a trip member. However the children have a pretty consistent routine during the week of rising with the sun, heading to school after breakfast, coming back to the home for their hour lunch break and then returning to school for a few more hours. The evenings are spent playing, bathing, eating supper, having family devotions and studying.